Can we DO this in an FSL classroom?

Blog Post created by utestllp on Jun 27, 2019

This journey started after being taken to an Escape Room for my birthday!  It was so exciting!  The thrill of solving the locks, and using everyone's knowledge to escape was so engaging!  I loved the concept and thought...could I do this in my classroom?  My first reaction was no, probably not.  How would I set it all up?  How would I get all the different locks?  What kind of topics could I do?  There was NO way that I thought I'd be creative enough to organize an entire escape room all on my own. So...I thought...I'm going to Google it!  Nowadays, when I can't figure it out on my own I turn to Google to see if any answers that I'd be looking for are there.  Luckily for me, there were.  Suddenly I discovered that I was not the only teacher who had been drawn into the world of  Escape Rooms, and the idea of doing it in the classroom.  So, now I have a starting point. Other teachers have done this in their homeroom classrooms - how can I adapt it to Core FSL classrooms?  Hmmm...the wheels began to turn.  Upon more investigation, I discovered that there were people who were now doing digital breakout rooms, and some of those people were actually Core French teachers!!! It seemed like there were a few people out there who were more adventurous than me, but they were actually using Digital breakouts in their classrooms using Chromebooks.  What's more, there is a company who MAKES breakout boxes specifically for use in a classroom AND for educational purposes...I needed to know more.  It wasn't long before the application for a TLLP grant was suggested to me by my administration.  And the rest...well you know how it goes!