We are Junior teachers in PDSB who will be beginning a Teacher Learning and Leadership Project (TLLP) in the 2018/2019 school year. You can find out more about our project and our learning on our website.


Our project goal is to deepen our understanding of how students can better show their thinking and learning of literacy skills. By selecting meaning-making literacy tasks, we will foster students’ development of 21C Competencies.


Our plan is to share these practices with our colleagues through student led lit-tech teams. Grade 5 students will teach innovative literacy practices to students in primary grades.


Student learning will be shared during assemblies and with parents. We will share our learning beyond our school by using social media to document our progress, blogging about reflections on our learning and sharing our learning with parents at Parent Council meetings. We would like to present at PDSB workshops and conferences and beyond.


Follow NatNat and JanJan's adventure on our blog or on Twitter.